Like the Ocean Loves the Shoreline..

I'm working on a new project - lots of information to come - but it has started me playing around with some new things here and there.  Those who know me know I love a new project, especially that of the craft variety, almost as much as I love new clothes or some good mexican food.  

Wood burning? Sure.  Gold leafing?  Why not?  Even baking (sometimes) seems like a craft project.  A very high-calorie, get-it-away-from-me craft project.  

Anyways, I started playing around with photos + text - ideally my own photos, but our weekends have been tied-up lately and my external big mama hard drive is at work, so... thank you, Unsplash.  The idea of a subject of a photo intersecting with a sketch blows my mind.  Let me know what you think.  

Photo credit  Angelina Odemchuk

Photo credit Angelina Odemchuk