New pens!

Charlotte is a lovely city for several things - banking, barbecue, and my job.  It is not, however, crawling with art stores.  I spent about four hours a while ago looking at pens online and ordering them, one by one.  They slowly started trickling in, and here's my biggest finding : I will never be able to use regular calligraphy pens.  I've now gone through the old-school pen holder + nibs, felt-tip oblique pens, chisel tips, etc.  All in all, it must be nice to be a righty in this world of calligraphy.

I did, however, discover my love for brush-tip pens in regards to hand-lettering.  I've gone through rolls of trace paper and spent hours figuring out the right look, and am in love with a couple of these (of which I'll probably order several to have on-hand).


These new pens have lead to a full weekend of projects (mostly secret at this point), but  I will say, looking at this picture, that we've been suffering from some kinda flu in this house for the past few days.  Not the best time for an albuterol-induced shaky hand amidst my boredom and sketching, amiright?  Anyways, here's a sneak-peak while I fine-tune some details :)