The Science Behind Donor Recognition.

I usually use this blog for things people don't care about : sketches, craft projects, and an overflow of girly emotions that are better left off of the internet.  Today, however, I'm working on a donor piece for a new project (that is going to be sa-weeeet) and am looking back at some old studies.

I worked on a project once for a private school that asked for several levels of donor recognition.  They wanted a huge range of visuals for a huge range of financial contributions.  The trick was coming-up with that strategy and displaying it to the client.  We used this diagram, spelling out dollar for dollar how mo' money = mo' capheight.  I think our top level earned you dimensional aluminum letters at like 5" capheight, with naming rights to the entire complex.  It went down from there in capheight (providing naming rights to things like a concert hall, courtyard, and theatre i think), eventually getting into details like etch + fill vs. silk-screened letters.  Most of the time, the donor recognition pieces I've done highlight levels like Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc.  This one was far more detailed and rather than only highlighting those benefactors with a donor wall, we named evvverything - the complex, specific classrooms, alcoves throughout the corridors, individual seats within the auditorium, etc.  It was fun - felt like a puzzle coming together.  

Now onto the next one!