Expanding my horizons.

Matt and I have been engaged for almost a month and a half, and in that time we have jumped to action.  For some people, engagements are a year / multi-year long growing period where you celebrate over and over with friends and family, and slowly start to build-up momentum planning a huge wedding.... but we're not that fancy, we're no spring chickens, and I'm of the opinion that wedding planning is like budgeting : somehow, regardless of how much you make, you find a way to spend all of your money.  Well, the longer we have to plan a wedding, the more details we'll find to take-up our time and our money.  

So, we're keeping it relatively short and sweet : MAY 30, 2015 Matt and I will be hitched in the NC mountains, and the more we figure out the details, the more excited I am. 


Anyways, the point behind all of this was to talk about Etsy, something I keep ending-up using for these details.  While I can't promise that all of my Christmas presents will be purchased from local mom & pops, I do my best to start there.  Why would I pay $130 for a veil (which, btw, is usually a single piece of fabric, some embellishments, and a comb.  thats it.) at a boutique when I can find a crafty crafter on Etsy who will make it, sell it to me for $20, leaving us both happy.

The more I thought about it, and the more thankful I've been for all the things I can find on Etsy, the more convinced I was that it was too great of a resource not to put to use.  So... I'm expanding my horizons over to Etsy!  I'll have the shop here on my site, of course, but just in case people DON'T have my url (imagine that), I'll also have a mirror of that shop over on Etsy - same products, same prices, etc.

Check it out, and if you're so inclined, shop or share with friends.  Word of mouth is the best thing you can give me right now.  Thanks all!