Green Graphic Design

Lets talk about how much I recommend this book right now : Green Graphic Design by Brian Dougherty + the Celery Design Collaborative.  I bought it on a bit of a whim @ the Art Institute a few weeks back, thinking it was helpful because it indexes real papers, inks and products that are on the market and might be used vs. just saying "find UV inks."  However.  The book is awesome - it explains some of the basic principles without going over your head.  It explains that "green graphic design" might include environmentally friendly papers and inks, but it also includes helping clients with their brand to create a better social impact, and it also includes looking at materials for their entire life cycle.  Instead of looking at whether a paper can be recycled or not, looking at all of the other options of where it might end up and how it got there in the first place.  Its kind of like LEED for graphics.  Or is at least proving the worth of such a system should it ever get developed.

These days at work my load is a bit light = plenty of time to do a bit of research and note (sketch) taking.  LOVELY moment to breathe! :)