5for1 = DONE

Way back in June, I think, three of us sat-down to start brainstorming about how to respond to the tornado that hit Joplin, MO in late May.  We ended up focusing on the schools, and what was GOING to be a beertime (specifically w/in our firm) spread to a Chicago design community-wide poster competition and fundraising happy hour.  Phew.

I'm proud to say that our goal to raise $1000... then $5000... has been blown away.  We received confirmation that the school system down there received our $10,386, along with buttons and a cumulative book.  I'm glad it's done, thrilled we could help, and already slightly (very slightly) miss the constant cranking-out of graphics, projects, ideas, and next steps for this project.  I worked with a couple girls from the office and I think it's fair to say that we managed a pretty large impact for three girls working on our own time to recruit donations and artwork from around the country.

See below - the final 'package' we sent down to Joplin: