How to Caricature Your Boss.

This Friday some of the ladies @ my office are taking advantage of our weekly office Beertime and planning a fundraising / local food season kick-off.  Lynsey is in charge of the team for the Climate Cycle, which I think she's starting to realize I'm punking-out of this year... and Melanie is working with the green team to kick-off the summer = local food vendors, food trucks, and farmers markets.

Solution : food and treats (and beer) locally grown / made / sold AND a couple stationary bikes + the big names @ our firm.

Naturally, I volunteered to help.  Who am I to start saying "no" now?  And pass-up another opportunity to commit to something I don't have time for?  Never.

Just to show you some of the process - because I'm not cool enough to draw straight onto the computer like someone who uses her time wisely - here's how Ray Clark (my super super tall, thin, managing principal) came to be in cartoon form:

Step 1 : sketch him out by hand.  Then scan.  Then import.

Step 2: trace.  Then piece together.  Then add some color, start to define some forms, figure out how much is too much when it comes to exaggeration.  Then change to avoid resembling certain leaders of the Third Reich... 

Step 3: ask for help.  Take file to work and let Lynsey work some magic.