Back on the Saddle?

Sometimes you push yourself to do something so much that it becomes a chore... like studying, that used to be interesting; cleaning that used to feel refreshing.  I got to that point with sketching a while ago, hence the absence of anything creative from this here blog.  Well fortunately, just as soon as the sun has started to come out in Chicago I am going to try it out again.

You know the drill.  I rarely draw something of substance, and it's usually done in five minutes (maybe 10 if there's some color), but it keeps your eye on the prize : drawing something that might resemble what you had in your head to start.

Tonight's theme?  Dinner.  After working on Sunday I didn't have much time to go grocery shopping so I've been eating Subway for lunch everyday and getting creative with what's left in my kitchen for dinner.  Last night, cereal.  Not creative, I know.  Tonight I came home and stared at a box of pasta for about thirty seconds trying to figure out what to do with it (no parm, no olive oil, and no marinara in the house..).  Solution : chicken broth + pasta + lemon = cross between pasta plain and simple, chicken noodle soup, and a lovely Greek soup - avgolemono.  YUM.  What's that?  More carbs?  Well okay.  A slice of toast with "mexican" cheese (who are you kidding, Kraft?) and I'm good to go.  Sometimes I think the least you have to work with the best solutions you find...

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