Panther, Round 2

Ahhhh I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in a while.  I promise that I HAVE been sketching - which was the original motivation behind starting this blog - it just isn't stuff that I can post online for the masses (or all five people that might check this site from time to time) to see.  Translation, it's for work, and I don't take my chances with projects still in progress / not public / etc. 

Last year Meagen asked me to draw a yearbook cover for the elementary school she was working at in Ohio.  I was unemployed and jumped at the chance to do something for someone other than myself.  This year kori asked me if I wanted to do it again... duhhhhh yes.

Best part of this project : I didn't scan anything.  Yes, I sketched by hand to visually figure out what an olympic panther looks like, but then drew the entire thing with a pen tablet.  Love it :)