Family Trip 2010!

So... my family takes trips together, for which I am EXTREMELY grateful.  We're not a small group, though - 12 of us will be going on the next one this July to the Galapagos Islands, right after my twin sister's wedding / honeymoon!  I am so, so, so excited about this trip!

As we've traveled together, we've developed a method and (in my opinion) each trip goes a little bit smoother than the last one.  This time, my Granddad sent out an email (5 months before the trip) assigning tasks / duties to each person.  Reading through them and imagining each person fulfilling his / her task, I had to sketch.  You'd have to know the fam to be able to picture them in these roles, but it will be hilarious.  I know it. 

From left to right, as I'm imagining them :

My grandmother : "enjoy position of high princess and be waited upon"
My granddad : "final word on all matters."
Ryan : "cruise manager"
Erin : "Grandmother gopher" (I'm picturing a hat... with teeth and ears... and erin texting...)
Adam : "Grandmother gopher" (also in the hat.)
Me : "historian and book publisher" (they want photo books made summarizing the trip - for this i am THRILLED)
Meagen : "tour director" (BEST. ASSIGNMENT. EVER.  Meagen will exceed everyone's expectations... she was made for this job.)
My Aunt + My Mom : "Group mothers, settle all disputes...keep tour broods in line, etc"  (Yes.)
My Uncle, Meagen's Fiance, My Stepdad : "Luggage locators."  (We don't travel lightly - this is not an easy job.)

This is going to be amazing...