My name is Kelley. I have a problem.

Over the weekend I didn't have a chance to get some stuff done that I've worked into my Sunday routine, because I was in Ohio.  I didn't make lunches for the week (who doesn't love a crock pot??), I didn't go to the grocery store, and I didn't bring home my coffee mugs from work on Friday (forgot / knew I was leaving for the weekend).  Come Monday morning, I was super crabby.  I even considered emptying the jar of spaghetti sauce so that I could fill it with coffee to bring to work, but the idea of marinara-scented coffee just didn't do it for me.

Point blank : this is my addiction.  Someday my liver will fail, and instead of alcohol, the doctors will lecture me on the consequences of caffeine overdoses.  There will be support groups and 12-step processes.  I will have to avoid coffee shops at all costs.  Maybe they'll develop a patch.  For now, it is my one true love in life.