The Jewel.

I had some sweet goals for things I could get done while I was in Ohio this weekend.  Reading, outlining, sketching, etc.  Then we rented XMen Wolverine, and none of that happened.  So, here I am on a Sunday night, just now back in town, with a LOT of stuff to get done in the next three or four days, almost no food in my apartment, with a pile of dirty clothes and a suitcase still packed.

If someone were to draw a cross-section of my typical weekly grocery run right now, this is what they would see:

english muffins, cereal, sweet potato, veggies, cream cheese, grapes (red and green..), peaches, snow peas, carrots, and soup / veggie stock depending on the crock-pot project of the weekend.  i'm pretty thorough in the produce section these days.  i would loooooove to do all of this shopping at whole foods, but instead i frequent the jewel.  it's just about half as expensive and if you're patient and go to the right location (lincoln ave - NOT broadway, not grand) the fruit isn't so bad.  learning little by little.