Put to the test.

When my twin sister got engaged, I drove home to Ohio to give my stamp of approval in person.  That, and I promised her a long, long time ago that when / if he did propose, my engagement present to her would be a set of Cleveland Browns cornhole boards.  Good thing I had less than 48 hours to make them and drive them 500 miles.

From kelleybozarth.com

Either way, on the trip I went for one of my several visits to Meagen's school (teacher, not student..) to hang out with her.  Her students are easily impressed... so it's pretty much an instant fan-base if you show any creativity.  They asked me to prove that I could draw by drawing Spongebob on the dry-erase.  Normally, no pressure, but who knows everything there is to know about a sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea?  This group of 20+ children.  Then, when I'd finally finished, turns out it wasn't enough.  "That's just a square with some pants on.."  ......... They came up with a lightning round to my exam - Stitch.  So, after a day of drawing cartoon characters, I'd proved my worth, and if I ever needed it I'm sure any one of those 8-9 year olds would write me a lovely letter of recommendation.