Guest sketch : Hallstein's "House"

In January of 2004 I was one of 16 i.arc students to volunteer to help with the construction of The Snow Show.  It was insanely cold, came with an impossible language barrier, and the gear we had to purchase probably cost more than the plane ticket.  However, it is my all-time favorite experience from college.  The people we met and scale of the actual projects (not hypothetical school projects) we worked-on was amazing.

One of the people I met was Hallstein Guthu - from Norway? - and we worked on the same piece in Kemi.  We've kept in touch (very minimally, unfortunately) and I recently saw this project he posted.  The work - concept, development, graphics - is unreal.  Check out his site for more information.

"HOUSE is a selfsufficient dwelling on the water, for use all over the world; a home on the European waterways, by the coastline of Antarctica or bobbing in Caribbean waters; the new way of living, where freedom, sustainability and experiences without borders is the keyfocus."