75 Ways to Draw More - 7

7) Take a class.

Now this one we can discuss.  At this point I'm still working on the decision for WHICH class to take, but here are the options in the running:

1- Fundamentals of Digital Photography
this would mildly involve me getting a new dslr... which is going to take time to save-up for.  but I really, really want to learn more about photography soon.  that said, the class is kind of out of my price range for a hobby - I'm going to have to take it pretty seriously for that.

2- Designboom - Paper
this looks awesome, and is way more in my price range.  right now it's winning.

3- Designboom - Self Promo
another one from designboom, and therefore still within my price range.  in an economic climate like this one, learning a little bit more about effective ways to market yourself creatively couldn't hurt.

4- Screenprinting Basics @ Lillstreet
i reaaaaallly want to learn to screenprint.  however, i'm wondering if a) i have the space for that in my tiny apartment and b) that's something i could figure out with a couple online tutorials and a kit.  hmm.
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