The 3six5

A few weeks ago I came across this site, describing a new project in the planning-phase.  The 3six5 is described on it's page as "365 days told by 365 people."  For a full description, please visit their site.  In short, here's a clip:

"Everyday for 365 days, a different person will write an entry about their experience that day.  It doesn't have to be about a specific topic, the key is that it somehow relates to what is happening in the world that day and how it relates to them.  By doing so, starting from January 1 to December 31 of 2010, we will have a snapshot of the entire year, told by the perspective of 365 individual voices."

Here is a running list of authors and dates.  As you can see, they have quite a few to fill, so please email them (the3six5 at gmail dot com) and volunteer - we're talking 250 words and a chance to participate in something pretty sweet.

Check me out on January 27th, 2010 :)