Guest Sketch Friday : Pamela for P+W

Pamela is a coworker / designer that I had no patience for in the beginning of my time at Perkins+Will. I had her figured out - cold, reserved...rude. You know the type. After a few months here, though, she's pretty much my go-to for everything. I think she could write a full novel with all of the questions I've asked her, and she's "like, totally my bff" here in the windy city :)

Well, P+W has a "bike to work" program and guess who did a little logo work for it? You guessed it. Designers have this tendency to poke fun at themselves and their obsession with their careers by working things like t-squares, architectural scales, pens, pencils and markers and - of course - overlapping corners, into everything. I think the only things missing from the figure on this bike are bloodshot eyes and some kind of caffeine supplement. Golden.