I saw this post on Share Some Candy and copied. I started thinking about what I can't live with / without / what I've been coveting (for three years?). On my list - can't live with? These two boxes, piled in the corner of my living room, of things that I can't manage to unpack. With an apartment this small, there is almost one place for almost everything. This is what happens to those items that fall through the cracks of that idea.

What I can't live without? Coffee. Caffiene to be specific, but for the most part I take care of that fix with coffee. It smells great, its lovely to wake-up to, its everywhere from my kitchen to the lobby of my office building and hundreds of places in between... Its wonderful. As I go to bed at night, I get excited about having coffee in the morning.

Covet? No secret here - the iPhone. It's almost disgusting how much I want this phone / camera / ipod / so much more. October 7th I'm finally eligible and you better believe it's on my calendar as an appointment with Michigan Avenue's Apple Store. Even if I have to leave work at 5:30, go get my little piece of heaven, and come back to work until 2 in the morning (who would EVER work that late?!?...) so be it.

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