Kelley Deal Photography | Making Progress on the House

We've owned the house for about a month and we've officially lived here for two weeks.  One thing we've learned as a 'family' - owning a house is A LOT of work, ALL the time.  

Matt's digging into some work on the yard - he's got big dreams of new grass, flowers, herbs, veggies, pavers, etc - and the owners before us were generous enough to leave a pretty good starting point.  

The kitchen - my ultimate focus / distraction right now - it's getting ready to really get started.  I'll post something a little later with sources and specific paint colors, but so far we're 90% happy with everything and anxious to see it all come together.

I spent the day dismantling the current cabinets, taking all of the old wood farm-house doors off and sanding-down the cabinet boxes before I fill the holes and re-sand.  Our paint-shop is set-up in the garage and once we clean things up, I'll start priming.  More posts to come as we get into paint / paint colors, countertops, lighting, tile, new floors and new appliances - all within the next couple of weeks!