Katie & Steve | Married!

Katie and Steve’s wedding was one of those were you feel cooler just being in the room. I couldn’t have known what I was in for when I booked this one, and was 100% blown away the night they said “i do” (again). We met for a few photos in the park before heading to their venue - the Fruit - and from start to finish, it was the most “Durham” wedding I’ve ever seen!

Katie, who is one of the geniuses behind The Mothership, and I walked through the Fruit a couple months before her wedding when it was set-up for a different type of event and I will admit, I had my doubts. It had awesome bones and such a cool vibe, but I was so curious to see what she’d do with it. As we were going through the schedule, she kind of muttered something about how her family had this little band that sometimes played music together.

Let’s fast forward to her wedding, which felt more like a concert with tons of love and emotion, where her ENTIRE FAMILY is performing REAL music that was actually GOOD. People are dancing, the bride is singing, the groom is on drums, her sister plays like 10 instruments, her dad and brothers look SO badass you’d think they were hired to be there… it was…incredible. The venue, the fairy hair and sparkle paint, the countless musicians, the photos on the roof / in the stairwell / in the galleries, and the 8 minute drive home I had at the end of the night - it was one of my favorite weddings of the year and I’m so, so, so honored to have been there!

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