Sara & Jordan | An Elopement

Sara and Jordan already have a pretty perfect life together - they've got a little one, work together, live together, etc - so when they decided to make it official, they wanted to do it their way.  They planned an elopement on the Blue Ridge Parkway, drove west to the mountains, had close friends there, got all dressed-up and ready in the car, and........... the parkway was closed.  Apparently there had been some heavy storms so a massive stretch of it - and access to almost every view I could think of within an hour's drive - was off limits.

We drove around a little bit, found a back-up plan for photos, and returned to the (amazing) cabins where they'd stayed the night before and that's where they tied the knot.  In a picture-perfect location, surrounded by little log cabins.  

Kelley BozarthComment