Jeannine & Jim | Married!

Jeannine and Jim have two little boys together and wanted a wedding that was fun, easy, and made things easy on their family.  We did their engagement photos a few weeks before their wedding - a really great practice run so that they got to know me and vice versa, and they got to see what they looked like on camera.  When I got there on their wedding day, they told me that after trying a few more serious looks in their engagement photos, it just wasn't them.  

I love that.

I love couples that make their photos them, not worrying about looking trendy or posed.  If you're serious and romantic, be serious and romantic.  But if you're goofy and you just like to have fun together, be that!  I loved everything about their day, and still describe it to future brides as the way it should be done - simple, fun, great food, and nothing that didn't matter to them.

Kelley BozarthComment