Chelsea's Boho Maternity Shoot.

I met Chelsea through the beauties of social media and the creative community, and we almost immediately landed on the idea of doing a boho-themed maternity shoot in this sweet tipi in Virginia I found on Airbnb.  It's one of the first couples maternity shoots I've done, and, without getting too sappy, it changed me.  I've done plenty of engagement photos and covered enough weddings to really appreciate the love that comes-through between a couple, but this is different.  These two have a son and are expecting their first daughter, and the love between them is deep.  They're so connected - like you can tell they lean on each other for the adventures life throws at them and find support in that.  It's maybe my new favorite kind of love.

ps: Chelsea writes some awesome blogs - check her out

Kelley Bozarth9 Comments