Kelley Deal Photography | We Bought a House!

I know things have been a little sporadic lately - Matt and I put an offer on a house in January and a LONG five weeks later, we closed!  The house was built sometime before / around 1940 and it's a Cape Cod-style bungalow.  It's in Durham and came with all the things we thought we'd never find (tons of space, 'old house charm,' beautiful hardwood floors, and a big fenced-in yard for the dog).  We've got tons of projects in-mind, and I'll hopefully remember to document them as we go.

So far, we've been in the house for a week and we've repainted the living room, dining room, master bedroom, master bath, and one of the guest bathrooms.  We've got plans to tear apart the kitchen, re-tile a bathroom, re-do a master shower, re-surface the garage, add a new patio, paint the decks, and the list goes on... 

If you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably knee-deep in grout.  Stay tuned for the biggest project / adventure we've ever taken-on together - wouldn't want anyone else by my side!