2016 Recap.

I debated for a while about whether or not to even write this post - I have loved working with each and every person I photographed this year, whether they paid me or not, whether I knew them ahead of time or not, children and adults, weddings and families.  Instead of posting a recap of each of those shoots, I decided to post my favorite images of 2016.

This year I attended two (very different) workshops, both of which were set in stunning locations and featured photographers with some amazing experience and lessons to share.  I started to find my own rhythm, focus with each image on what's important in a photograph, and fill my time following some intensely creative influences in this industry.

These aren't the most magazine-worthy photos, they probably aren't the most technically impressive, but they are the most meaningful to me, having been behind the camera for each of these moments.  In everything I do, I want to highlight real emotions, so if I've done that with these images, then I've had a successful year.  Cheers to an even better 2017 : 

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