Florida Hospital

*Work completed while employed at Little.


I know the days that I post actual work seem few and far between - I've had a lot going on, and sometimes it's a while between "finished" projects.


I was looking through some photographs, trying to pull some stuff together for a small task at work, and found one that was one of my favorites here at Little.  We did some work for Florida Hospital / Adventist Health Systems, including a new exec tower for them.  The two share this building, on FH's campus, as well as sharing a large portion of their foundation and core messaging.  While none of us on the team are members of the SDA church, it was an exercise in learning and displaying the relationship between faith, medicine, and a corporate interior.  


In addition to signage, we did these giant - GIANT - printed metal walls with halftone greyscale images of Christ in various environments.  As someone who's fairly luke-warm on religion, I was excited by the scale and execution.  Not too often you design a 20' tall Jesus...