Molly Ann Gries

As my sister said last week, it is with a heavy heart that I write this.  Creative people are (supposedly) on the more emotional side.  They (we) feel things intensely and bounce back slower.  Life's roller coasters can be a pretty solid source of inspiration - highs and lows need to be expressed somehow...  That said, I must have some crazy creativity coming soon.

Last Monday, May 4th, my 10 week old niece (Molly) passed away.  She went down for a nap and did not wake-up.  It is the worst thing I can ever remember, the hardest week I've ever gone through and witnessed, and will change us forever.  She wasn't unhealthy or suffering - she was beautiful, happy, healthy, and easy-going.  It was anything but expected, and has left us all with a heavy slice of heartache.  Watching my twin learn to cope with the hole in her heart is unlike anything I've ever seen, and something none of us should have to go through.  Watching my dad stand on one side of the tiniest casket you can imagine to bury his first granddaughter will stay with me forever.  

Miss Molly sure had a lot of admirers in her short time here with us (click the photo below) :