The Art of the Headshot.

He'll kill me for posting this, but this weekend Matt wanted some headshots / pictures to use throughout his LinkedIn / portfolio / professional persona world.  I've said it before and will hold to it : I am not a photographer, but I give it my best when needed... like taking pictures of my nephew's smash-cake or playing family historian on trips with everyone, or when my boyfriend needs a non-bar photo to use here and there.


We cleaned-up the apartment and took a few, and in a brief ooey-gooey moment, I don't mind telling you that he looks quite handsome in some of them.   So, here's to Little for letting me steal a roll of wrong-sized plotter paper as a back-drop and Matt for being patient with me while I played glamour shots with him and critiqued everything about the way he sat to the way he smiled with his eyes :)  


Disclaimer : to all professional photographers out there who might stumble onto this - have mercy on me + my skillz... we're just doing the best we can over here :)