So long, windy city :)

Not sure that I've even mentioned this, which feels strange in that it's taken-over my life in the last month or so, but as of Sunday I'll no longer call myself a Chicagoan and will be making my way back down to NC.  I think it'll be a long time before I realize how much I've loved living here, and the stress of leaving a great job in hopes of another one has been a solid test to my sanity, but as my ever-calm boyfriend tells me, "everything is going to be fine." :)   Any bit of anxiety is filled with high hopes of a fun team, a great job, pillow forts + lazy weekends.  More than Cleveland, Greensboro or Chicago, Charlotte always felt like home, and it's about time to reunite with the folks I love that I've spent thousands of dollars visiting over the past 4 years.

So... If you see Santa wandering around with an Eames chair with my name on it, send him back down South.

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