Olympic Spirit!

As someone who may have had more than her fair share of patriotism in the old days, part of me still melts every four years as the best of the best from each country come together in a non-fatal, Hunger Games-style showing of performance enhancing drugs, national athletic prodigies and pure dedication.  One of the only times it's politically okay to say "we are better than you," the Games spark national spirit and draw attention to sports like Curling.  It also provokes people from alllll countries to convene in these massive arenas to cheer-on their teams, giving anyone watching a brief glimpse into how said citizens represent.  The Americans always put on a good show, of course, and this year with the games being back in the old country won't be any exception.

Sure, we might have a higher obesity rate, and maybe our overall image isn't quite as "polished" and "refined" as some of the Brits, but damnit we are nothing if not Patriotic.  So stand back everyone else, because whether the Games are in Chicago, London or Beijing, and whether our athletes could actually spell "manifest destiny" or not, America is coming full-force to show you why we're the most bad-ass, freedom-fighting, home-of-the-brave, stars and stripes-wearing nation in all the land.

Kelley BozarthComment