Buh-bye, Capital One!

Today marks a fairly significant day for me, financially, for a couple reasons.  One, last night I paid bills, and with those credit card payments, I passed the half-way mark on my CC debt pay-off!  I can't tell you what it feels like to make it into a lower $1000 interval - I will probably cry my eyes out when I finally pay this off in-full.  For now, its like making it down another 10 pounds when you're on a diet.

Second, with that in-mind, I've had my fill of a certain credit card company and their ridiculously stubborn fees and interest rates.  I got my credit report / score a couple months back and finally realized that the terrible consumer I thought I was, I am not.  In fact, lay-off considered, I'm pretty darn responsible.  So why am I paying some kind of delinquent APR?  Because the banks need extra revenue to pull themselves out of a recession they created?  No thank you.  So, Hugo at Capital One, go ahead and close my account. That's right - 4 years of debt romance in the making, all down the drain over a stupid APR and an annual maintenance fee.  If I'm willing to do my part and pay you on-time, you better be willing to do your part and show some people a little appreciation.  Say goodbye to another customer.

I'm down another credit card, another $1000 on my debt balance, and another month closer to "financial responsibility."  Baby steps :)

ps: many thanks to my grandparents for this awesome printer / scanner / copier that makes sketching + posting at home a new possibility and to my parents for shipping it to me across the midwest!

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