"It's just one day..."

I have had one hell of a time trying to find someone to help with the alterations to this bridesmaid dress!  For the record, if you don't buy the dress at Nordstrom, their really crabby.  They will try to charge you double (literally), and are super mean to you.  Don't do it.  Second of all, if you try to get a dress altered at David's Bridal, remember that they ask for 4 weeks to do the alterations and they are really busy during June.  Lesson learned.  I finally met with a woman this morning (recommended by Elena!!) who I think will be able to help.  Meanwhile, she was kind enough to point out exactly why the dress didn't fit - "most people fill it out here... and most people don't have problems with this area..."  Then after telling me she's going to make certain adjustments because she wants me to "feel comfortable," she said, "but its just one day... you have to make sacrifices..."  Uh huh.

So... kind of kicking myself for joining this gym - muscle or not, I've gained 3lbs and the dress does NOT fit any better.  And I still have to pay for alterations.  Again, lesson learned!

PS: Sorry I haven't drawn anything in a while.  I plan to blast you with photos of craft projects that are still secret through this weekend so hold on tight! :)

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