My New Baby.

Somewhere between Labor Day and New Years, I broke my camera.  I cracked the screen somehow, I'm sure accidentally checking it in some luggage.  That meant that even though I was a 25 year old girl using her camera primarily to take pictures of pretty things and funny friends, I had to look like I took myself seriously enough to exclusively use the tiny viewfinder.  Let me tell you somethin - I'm lazy.  I'm not about squinting and trying to use a .5" screen when there's a 3" version right beneath that.  Please.

Either way, my mom knew how devastated I was to lose my camera - the thing I hide behind at family events... and helped me get a new one.  It is FAN-CY.  Its a lot like the old one, but Nikon instead of Sony... 10.1 megapixels instead of 5... 26x zoom instead of 12x... Bigger screen... and this time I plan to NOT lose the lens cap!  Cheers to new beginnings :)