Trying to make a come-back!

Sorry for the lack of creativity lately... I kind of feel like I'm cheating as I continue to post images of Christmas-past, milking a week of sketches out for the next month, in the next year, in the next decade!  As mentioned before, though, I promise I haven't been slacking.  I've been sketching my brains out, its just not quite public yet. 

Pamela and I are helping out with some signage studies for a local high school who's been building a fully-accessible garden.  The project is actually really impressive, and for someone with no sense of a green thumb, way over my head.  I know that the entire thing was built on reclaimed soil that has gone through some intense remediation, it's accessible to those in wheelchairs and not, has a fair amount of agriculture to be learned, uses recycled and reclaimed materials, and has included a great deal of student involvement.  The men in charge could talk for days about all of the components, which is where we come in.  How to tell their story for them...  And so, we've just started with some preliminary sketches and concepts - more to share once things get a little bit more intense.

Likewise, my twin sister is getting MARRIED (june 26, 2010) and she has put your's truly in charge of all of the print collateral.  That includes invitations, right?  Wrong.  Thats what you THINK, until you open up Pandora's box and all of a sudden you find THIS list -

save the dates
reception cards
response cards
response envelopes
outer envelopes
table numbers
escort cards
thank you notes
thank you envelopes
directions / map
favor tags

Besides that, I'm starting to gather plans and ideas for a weekend of a bridal shower and a bachelorette party (and their respective invites), AND on a diet to get into a decently-sized dress.  I might go into business as a professional Maid of Honor. 

AND, as we wait for a couple things to kick-off in the office, I got to work on some of the fun stuff - like the graphic for this year's chili cook-off (and cornbread throw-down)!  After a couple rounds of revisions, this was the one sent-out to the office.  Corny and cheesy, yes, but we have a big enough office that it makes me a little nervous sending out emails / graphics / whatever to everyone here.  Small-town attitude.