It's as if they heard my questions...

The bad news about working for a firm with extremely strong ethical, environmental, and socially responsible initiative?  I will be taking the LEED exam before my 26th birthday.  The good news, however... came in the email I received this afternoon.

While I won't directly quote - I haven't asked permission and it doesn't seem respectful, but given the disaster recently incurred by the nation of Haiti and our social responsibility to respond, the firm will match - dollar for dollar - every contribution an employee makes to the American Red Cross.

Matching a 401K is impressive, but matching dollar for dollar with no cap / limit for a purely philanthropic cause is wonderful.  On top of that, they've mentioned on-going opportunities to provide pro-bono services relating to the re-building phase the people of Haiti will soon tackle.

Pretty impressive... and a wonderful response to the questions I asked myself this morning.