World's Greatest Intern --> World's Greatest Graduate?

Cary, the "world's greatest intern," is on her way back to Cincinnati (Go Bearcats?) from her second internship at PW here in Chicago.  Having only been around for one of those internships, I can only imagine how much I'd miss her if I were here for both.  She's left some big shoes to fill and has given us a reason to road trip-it to Cincinnati sometime this spring / in June for her graduation!  Fingers crossed that Chicago makes her short-list when deciding where to start her grown-up life.

Pamela and I thought she needed a few words of wisdom to keep her on the right path... so we bought books to do it for us :
1.  101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
2.  Never Sleep : Graduating to Graphic Design
3.  Dear Little Lamb (nickname come to life / literature :)

I'm trying to decide if it's appropriate to re-use this last-minute wrapping idea for all of this season's gifts... I took the paper from the recycling bin - could it GET more green??