New Goal ?

My sincere apologies for being so absent lately - I could give you a list of excuses, but the most important is that I just wasn't feeling it.  To be honest, I'm still not... but as Erin put it, "you've obviously got some sweet stuff in the future.  use it?"  And...scene.

So, with Costa Rica just two days away (THURSDAY!!), Thanksgiving in NC only a couple weeks away, and Christmas less than a month and a half away, I'm using it.  My goal, through Christmas Day, is to draw something every. single. day.  If I need to, I will be drawing ideas on how to wrap Christmas presents, what I'm anticipating as my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, or a new strategy I might try to minimize my packing for all three trips.  Regardless, my goal is to draw something, and ideally post it, daily. 

For now, you should SEE the Christmas displays coming up around the city - Macy's has their storefronts (stay tuned..) and these horns up outside of their building.  I have high hopes for this holiday season in the windy city.


ps: I know what you're thinking... a new goal... just like the "75 ways to draw more" which lasted all of a week, maybe.  True - sometimes my ambitions fall-short of completion.  Maybe if I keep my word on this Santa will bring me something extra awesome..