UK09 - Day 9


After leaving Manchester the next morning, we drove over to Liverpool - not far away, but I've read / seen that there's quite a rivalry between the two cities / football clubs. I made the mistake of wearing my new M.U. tshirt there and quickly learned to button my cardigan up all the way to hide it a bit. Liverpool was a fun city - I love that it's on the water, the restaurant we ate at for lunch was SOOO good, and we went to "The Beatles Story." Afterwards we hit the road for Glasgow, crossing into Scotland, clearly. Lots of mountains and sheep along the way - GORGEOUS.

When we got to the hotel to check-in we had a box waiting for us... In that we were checking-in on our 25 BIRTHDAY, my mom sent us a huge bouquet of lillies - they smelled amazing and the entire (fancy) hotel room smelled like a garden - along with two Happy Birthday balloons and a bottle of champagne! It was so, so sweet and everything - Glasgow, the flowers, the hotel - was great.

We went out that night and came home to desserts from the hotel staff (who heard us mention it was our birthday) and a basket of fruit - two plates of chocolates, each reading "Happy Birthday" - one for each. So cute.