Adventures with a Pet Snake (5/5)

I can't resist - I'm in the mood to get things done, so here's the result of Elena's story / Pamela's idea to draw it :)

1. Elena has a friend with a pet snake - a boa constrictor. She used to let the snake sleep in bed with her... like a puppy.. (*Correction - not a FRIEND of Elena's... just a girl with a snake.)

2. One day, the girl noticed that the snake wasn't eating his dinner - this went on for a few days, but she didn't think much of it.

3. One night, instead of sleeping curled-up at the foot of her bed, the boa constrictor slept stretched-out parallel to her. Finally, she got nervous...

4. The girl finally called her vet, giving him all of the details of how the snake had been behaving. After the girl explained her boa's eating and sleeping habits, the vet gave her some advice... "GET RID OF THAT SNAKE OR GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!" .... then he explained why... The snake - her pet - was making room and starving himself, and sizing / stretching himself, to EAT HER. What's a girl to do?

5. Well, given that this girl has a pet snake, you probably wouldn't expect too many wise decisions out of her. However, she got rid of the snake. Lesson learned - stick to cats and dogs.