My Approach


Whether you're looking for a photographer to capture your wedding, engagement photos, or just a day in your life, finding the right style and price are probably your top priorities.  Above all else, I work to keep my photography authentic.  I won't put you in poses that don't feel like "you," I don't do much with props, and the emotions I work to capture should feel like the best, most honest expressions of who you are.

I've learned I'm not the right fit for everyone and every photo.  I know what works with my style and what doesn't, and that ultimately finding that match is magic for everyone involved.  I've learned to follow my heart and my creative direction, because I've got nothing but your best interest at the core of it.  

I've also learned that's it's not all about the money.  I don't want your budget constraints to be the reason that we don't work together - if my pricing isn't do-able but you're in love with my work and feel like we're a match made in heaven, let's have a coffee (or Skype) date and chat.  That said, mama didn't raise no fool - if you're shopping for the lowest possible price, I'm probably not your girl.


I love...

...Outdoor weddings, real laughter, candid smiles, adventurers, sunrises and sunsets, the details, guys who show emotion, natural light, elopements, unplugged moments, timeless traditions, when brides ask my opinion, artistic flexibility, bold colors, cool people and cool places.


I don't love...

...Poses you found on pinterest, heart-shaped shadows, people in my way with iphones, requests for "skinny" editing, meaningless traditions, stiff poses, selective coloring, couples who focus on me instead of their wedding, studio set-ups, matching outfits (unless it's for the sake of humor..), naked babies in baskets.