WAIT STOP - let's be friends.

Being photographed can be stressful - especially if you're the b r i d e ! It's so important that you find a photographer (and other vendors, for that matter) that are going to make you feel comfortable.  I've been a bride - I know it's pretty awesome but can also be pretty overwhelming - and I love making folks feel at ease.  I've helped zip a dress that wouldn't zip, I've helped rehearse vows, I've poured drinks for groomsmen and calmed lots of nerves.  I'm the only person who isn't a friend / family member that will be with you throughout the ENTIRE day!  

During our shoot, I'll give you some pointers so you don't feel lost, but I'll keep it loose so you still look like you!  We'll joke around, I'll probably show you pictures of my puppy, and promise to laugh at a good handful of your jokes!  I'll tell you about the conversation I had with my dad while we walked down the aisle, I'll make jokes with your wedding party, and help you capture the best moments of your day.  My focus is always on the candids, but there's still something really beautiful about formal family photos and a few dramatic shots of just you two.

I do everything I can to be exactly what you need - far from intimidating, relaxed when nobody else is, and attentive to YOU.  Kind of like your best friend for the day.



I'm Kelley, a 32 year old photographer and graphic designer in Durham, North Carolina, by way of Texas, Ohio and most recently, Chicago.

I love weddings, real laughs, and being outside.  I was a bride, I am an aunt, and will forever be a traveler.  Every shoot has the opportunity to tell a story - the real moments are my favorite.  

I shoot mostly elopements and weddings, with some lifestyle and family photography mixed-in to keep things fresh.


Weddings should be fun - to plan, to attend, to photograph, and to get married!  They're the start to one of your biggest adventures, and I want to help you remember how you felt from start to finish - the good times, the not so good times, and the unscripted stuff in between.

I've learned that photographs give light to the legacy we leave behind, and they deserve as much depth and heart as possible.



If you're in a small town and think it's awesome, I'm there, but if you feel like taking a trip to celebrate your love or try something new together and want someone there with you to capture it, I'm game.  Road trips, day trips and quick flights someplace awesome are magic words in my world - let's go somewhere.



Sometimes I give out free things, offer free photos to people and discount rates for special occasions.  Stay up to date on travel plans and current events - I promise to only send the important stuff.