Kelley Deal Photography | Patrick Proposed!

A little while back I "met" Patrick via email, as he was planning a proposal and looking for someone to help him document it.  

His girlfriend asked him not to propose before her medical boards - she wouldn't be able to focus, she knew she'd throw herself into wedding planning, and (very smart.) wanted to focus on one thing at a time.

Patrick had it all planned out.  She knew her family was coming down from the midwest, but didn't know that his family had also flown in.  He sent me screenshots from Google Earth with X's and O's, like a treasure map or a coach's play diagram.  I took my husband with me - "a client getting headshots" - as my decoy.  It worked perfectly :)

We stood guard out-front of the Capital building in Raleigh, waited until exactly 7pm, and watched the happy couple walk (exactly as planned) from the designated parking lot and right into location.  Sure enough, after some sweet words that were out of ear-shot, Patrick dropped to his knee and popped the question.  She had no idea and her reaction was awe-some.  

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