Practice, and Good Pens, Make Perfect.

So I've been playing around with this "hand lettering" business for quite some time now.  I've learned a few of my strengths and a lot of my weaknesses (namely traditional calligraphy and anything involving a chisel tip or nib / pen holder).  I've tried my hand (literally) at some of the softer scripts and the more modern / sloppy (I mean that in a nice way) styles and have landed somewhere in the middle, I think.

That said, I've also figured out that the right pen can make a huge difference.  I've fallen madly in love with a couple of brush tips pens, mostly varying in size.  I'm still experimenting (ie : buying) but each new pen that arrives at my door is a chance to play.  So, here's to all the brush tip pens out there, many more sheets of paper in the garbage while I try to remember how to write in cursive, and a long future of hand lettering all the beautiful words out there.