Cooking up Change

I've been meaning to post SOMETHING about this for quite a while and just kept getting distracted.  Cary and I worked on the event signage, pictograms, program layout, and journey map - and basically any other collateral used at the event - for the annual cook-off by the Healthy Schools Campaign, called "Cooking up Change!"  We started our involvement in August and on November 4th attended the event - it was probably the shortest signage timeline I've ever worked on, but so fun and light-hearted.  Of course, among everything else, we both forgot cameras that night and had to borrow one from work - either we didn't know how to use it, or it just wasn't up to par :) but the images came out pretty rough.. we're hoping to be able to use some a photographer might have caught that night.

Anyways, here's a small sample from the night... a link to a facebook album soon to come!