The Amazing, Fireproof, Immortal, Bionic, Superhero Dogs! :)

My apologies for once again allowing a lapse in posting - I was busy with the wedding stuff... and with work... but on Sunday my sister (the Bride to-be) had a housefire in her home just outside of Akron, Ohio.  Everyone is fine, but the dogs were inside and both had a really close call.  Thanks to the Munroe Falls Fire Department for reviving them (Jane had no pulse - literally brought back to life; Lucy was unconscious), everyone is safe and sound.  The house is another story, but they are a strong family both with strong families nearby and the wedding / honeymoon / family vacation / life will go on.  Can't say enough thanks to everyone who has helped, between firemen, families, friends and their community, the response has been surprising and heartwarming.  I'm impressed :)  Goes to show what amazing people Meagen and Jeff surround themselves with, and how much they have touched the lives of those people around them.