I've been having lots of fun lately, with visits home, visitors from the south, making plans and seeing plans actually come to life!  Katie and Eric were here this weekend and after watching me drool all over the sailors in Great Lakes, IL, they went home to see their (very-much-missed) little boy who is now walking all over the place!  Time flies.

I'm working on plans for Meagen's bachelorette party and bridal shower, trying my best to keep my mouth shut about plans for at least the first of those two as we'd like to surprise her with her last celebration of freedom :)  Problem : I'm terrible with secrets, especially with Meagen.  Wish me luck... 

Its been so much fun planning this stuff with her bridesmaids - some I know better than others.  I don't know Cleveland very well, as I haven't lived there since high school (and didn't exactly get out much at that point..).  They've been a huge help in finding the right venues for our lovely bride-to-be!

I sent out the invitations to the bachelorette party last week and will be sending out the shower invites today - so excited that this is all coming together!  Please pardon the blurred photo of the invites - as mentioned, TOP SECRET FROM THE BRIDE! :)