Packing Lunch...

Ya know what is really great?  Making my own lunch.  For a long time I dreaded it.. hated worrying about making something and spending the five - ten minutes packaging it up for four hours of sitting in an office fridge.  NOW, though, we have a bigger fridge and I've learned to appreciate making something I know I will like, that I know I can afford, that isn't terrible for me.

Like today - a cup of soup, some pita / hummus, and some yogurt.  Yes, the soup-at-hand took some getting used to... I don't usually drink my soup.  However, I know how many calories are in that, I know that the entire lunch probably cost me about $2.50, and that I like all of those things.  Some days it's just an english muffin, some cream cheese, and an avocado.  Or a salad (I keep dressing here).  Fortunately (for my bank account and waistline) it's pretty great.