Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Today is just about the best day I've had in quite a long time.  It's Friday = jeans to work, I dropped-off paper with the letter-presser so she's going to start the invitations today!, I kind of took my time getting into work this morning (still in by 9:20), they were handing out free cookies as i walked-in this morning, i got a card from my sister for valentine's day AND a giftcard to starbucks (she knows me so well..), it's pay day and I got my tax return direct deposit, went out to lunch with the ladies, met our deadline and wished the boss lady farewell, and get to watch the opening ceremonies for the olympics tonight!  I love today.  Not too shabby for a valentine's weekend - nice work, 2010.

Suzanne always does these sketch-collage kinds of things that convey this kind of rambling so well in visual form... I had to try it :) 

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