UK09 - Day 7

En route from London we rented a car to get us through the rest of our trip. We got a manual (which is what I drive state-side), and couldn't even get it out of the parking lot. Literally, a woman volunteered to pull it back in from the road (where we almost got hit by a double-decker) and we marched back in and switched to an automatic. We were on the way to Salisbury to stay in a super-cute b&b but when we saw signs for "Legoland" we made an impromptu stop. When we finally got to Salisbury and went to a pub for dinner, all three of us were starving / exhausted and ordered a burger - now, the woman said something like "I hope you brought your appetite," which has never been a problem for any member of my family. She was not playing around. The burger had EVERYTHING - I think I listed the toppings... check it out. Not that I'm complaining - it was awesome.